Who We Are

W e are a team of inventors majoring in Electronics, Mechanicals and Construction engineers focused on solving the problems disrupting the solar lighting industry, by providing solutions for high intensity solar lighting systems for use in snowy, rainy, dusty and geographical locations with low sunlight radiation.

Our professional R&D team are developing and upgrading the best solutions for renewable solar energy for different indoor and outdoor applications.

Our innovating LED modules can reduce power consumption. By substituting our innovative LED modules in on-grid traditional LED lightings, power consumption would be diminished 30-50%.

Our mission is to provide high quality, high performance, cost-effective solutions for on-grid  LED lights  and off-grid solar lighting  systems in private and governmental applications.

Lumentek is leader in the practical application of solar high intensity lights, on/off-grid installations and solutions. The company is a privately owned company with headquarters based amidst the Technologie Zentrum in Dortmund, Germany.

Lumentek is a progressive, inventive company and is committed to reducing carbon emissions.

Lumentek brings durable, reliable and affordable lighting to a wide range of clients, each having a unique and often harsh operating environment.